Thinking of making a paver patio? Great idea! It is affordable, durable, flexible, colorful and, what’s more, still looks natural and comfortable. It is easy to maintain and it comes in different shapes and sizes. Concrete pavers gives you complete creative freedom to bring the style of your indoor rooms to the outdoor heaven.

If you are lucky to live in the beautiful town of Boca Ratonyou’re probably very familiar with the tropical rainforest climate. A concrete backyard against the tropical landscape is a huge trend in exterior design! 

Whether you prefer brick, concrete pads, natural stone or a combination, nowadays many paver installation services can make your landscaping design ideas a reality.

Here are some steps to create your own concrete jungle:

  • Preparation

Think of plumbing, cable or electrical lines first. Call a professional assistance if you need any, and make sure you mark the lines before the start. After that you are free to start digging to the level below the root vegetation in most cases, depending on the soil. It is important to extend your base preparation past the finished size. It is called the rule of thumb for over preparation. If the soil is too dry, one of the best solutions is to water it down on a previous night.

  • Tame the weed

Even if prefer concrete rather than soil or grass, you’ll probably keep some vegetation in your backyard. In most cases, people use plastic to make a barrier between soil and a new layer of sand. However, it can cause problems by trapping water. It’s best practice is to place a layer of geotextile first, and then the granular base.

  • First layer- base

As everything, patios also need a sturdy foundation that is solid, level and smooth. The most commonly used materials are gravel, limestone, and other crushed stones with sharp edges. Add some water, turn on the compactor and go over it.

  • Be creative

Run into slight color and shape variation in your pavers. Blend varying piles of stones or bricks together to create a pattern that fits the best in your jungle. The is the most creative, yet longer than you think period. It depends on your inspiration and realistic approach of plans you made before starting this masterpiece.

  • Finalize

This project is going to take some time, but when it finally comes to an end there are just a couple more things to do. When the concrete pads are in place, a layer of polymeric sand is advisable. It should go over and between pavers until the cracks are completely full.

This is just a brief description of a patio installation process. Despite the complexity of the work, the end result is very rewarding.

By following the above instructions, you are going in the right direction to creating long-lasting and quality work. For any further questions and suggestions please reach us by calling (561) 293-4610 or visiting us in Boca Raton, FL. Cricket Pavers can implement any conception such as pool remodeling, patio designs, and offer you materials as Travertine or Brick Pavers at wholesale amazing prices.