Driveway is the first thing that greets the guests to your lovely home, so why not make it look welcoming with some of these modern driveway design ideas? Also, a good driveway design in front of your home raises the overall value of your property, so there’s another good reason to invest in it.

To help you, we’ve selected some of the best ideas to redesign your driveway with concrete paving pads.

Contemporary home, contemporary driveway

If your house has a beautiful city view with stone walls like this one, you might consider paving a driveway to it with concrete driveway pads. Why concrete, you might ask? Well, the main reason people opt for it is its durability, which is extremely important when building a driveway. It is widely used, so it’ll be easy for you to find a color, shape and surface that fits best with your desired design.

Circular Driveway ideas

This solution is great for homes that have an entrance to the property, full of green surfaces and perhaps a fountain or a pool. You can park your car under the palms and trees in front of your home, which act as a natural sun protection for your car. Concrete pads can be paved in any shape, and you can cover it with a sealer if you want to achieve this glossy look. Circular driveway is great for homes that have gardens and objects that should be emphasized in front of the entrance of the house. Concrete pads look amazing next to grass and can be easily maintained during any time of the year.

You can also use different colors to make it even more appealing.

Elegant Driveway

The irregular shape of concrete pavers with poured concrete is a very elegant and modern solution that will emphasize your Miami home. This design as a nice example of modern approach to home and exterior design and will add value to your property as well. The random pattern of concrete pads would make a great first impression for your guests and visitors. Another benefit of concrete pads is you can easily arrange them around any tree that grows in front of your home, without ruining the natural look of your front yard.

Concrete, just concrete

This concrete driveway design is the perfect example how you can combine it with other materials, such as grass, in order to achieve more subtle, natural look of your driveway. The grass between these huge concrete pads works as a perfect drainage system for any excessive water during the rain. Of course, you’ll have to mow the grass from time to time to keep it tidy, but it’s a small amount of effort for the pleasing eyesight of your property you get with this kind of design.

Of course, you have the option of not allowing any grass between your concrete pads. Instead of that, you can just use these massive concrete pads cut into irregular shapes, and surround it with rock yard that is low maintenance. Having in mind that you’re in Miami, you can plant some drought resistant plants and voila – your modern driveway design for your modern Miami home is all set up!

This list could go on and on since concrete pads are extremely grateful for every driveway design idea you might have in mind since it can be cut in different shapes and sizes. No homeowner in Miami that opt for concrete pads for his or her driveway will be disappointed with this choice, as it lets your imagination runs free and design a stylish and modern driveway that won’t remain unnoticed.

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