When you live in South Florida, you can take advantage of being outside year round. The perfect weather gives residents the best excuse to create an outdoor living area that not only expands their home but also lets them enjoy the outdoors right on their own property in their own style. Being able to design the space you want will lead to you using it more, which is a good thing considering it will cost some money to install. Instead of fancy decks, the latest patio trend that has dominated the exterior design market has been concrete pads. When it comes to concrete pads, though, less concrete means more style. Top landscape design companies are now utilizing concrete pads and pavers to create custom patios for their customers.

Take a look at some of these concrete pad layouts.

Image of concrete pad pavers creating an interesting patio design.

Image of concrete stepping stones leading to a front door entrance.

Image of a backyard in Miami, the floor is lined with concrete pavers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing and creating a one of a kind backyard patio that will add an attractive element to your home. This popular trend does a great job of incorporating a bit of nature by breaking up the large expanses of concrete. It is the perfect compromise between living in a jungle and a concrete jungle.

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