Quite often the efforts you put into your exterior design and the time you invest in increasing your curb appeal are just as important as the other renovations you do inside your home and for the benefit of your interior design. In Fort Lauderdale, well placed and bold items like concrete pavers are often responsible for making that all-important first impression. Keep in mind, regardless of whether you choose brick, travertine or concrete pavers as the material of choice, pavers provide walkways and living areas for both family and friends that are both safe and look great.

Here are a few things to consider to help you make some final decisions about the color that’s best for your home design.

  • Consider where you want to place these concrete pavers. Different areas outside the home will have different colors that are best suited to them. For example, a lighter shade around pool decks is the right choice since these don’t absorb as much heat and will be better on bare feet.  
  • Think about the other elements around your house. Taking a quick walk to look at the patterns and designs around your home will help you to make a final decision. Existing walls and landscaping are all important factors to think about.

Finally, remember when selecting the right paver design is about understanding the choices and landscape design you have is only limited by your imagination. Different colors can be used as borders to offset each other. Give Cricket Pavers a call today to find out more about our products.