So you’ve decided to create the backyard of your dreams, whether that includes a new pool oasis, a grill station, a patio or a great fire pit. One of the most important decisions you’ll face, besides how it will be designed, is what material will you want. After doing some research and talking with landscaping professionals, I’m sure you will hear travertine thrown around quite a bit. That is because travertine is one, if not the top choice for your entire backyard landscaping. Here is the justification of why travertine pavers should be heavily considered.

Variety of sizes and patterns– typically found to be 1.25 inches thick, travertine pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any design. The patterns it can come in are herringbone, star, diamond-cut, French, mosaic, fish, and basket weave.

Variety of colors- while each supplier may carry a different supply; travertine comes in a variety of earthy colors ranging from gold hues to pink/peach all the way white/silver in color. Whatever vision you have for your project, there is sure to be a color that will be a perfect match.

Finishes– tumbled, antique or honed are your options when it comes to travertine. The tumbled is the best choice when looking to do a pool deck because it still has all its pores, which absorb the water and make the surface non-slip (safety first). Also, another key feature that travertine naturally has is that it remains cool to the touch, even in the scorching sun of south Florida.

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