This is the year you decide to put in a pool to help escape the heat in Boca Raton. You have a design in mind with all the features you may want like just a common straight edge rectangle or maybe you want a custom design with a waterfall. Whatever design and features you decide you will want for your backyard, the next decision is how will your pool deck will be designed. Along with that comes the decision of material you will want your pool deck to be made out of. Have you thought about the coping for your pool? You may be asking what is pool coping and why do I need it, which is the purpose of the following information so you happen to be in luck.

Pool coping is not only a chance for you to add another decorative aspect to your pool oasis, but it is in fact, a necessary feature that your pool will require. When the form of your pool is poured and finished out of concrete, the top edge will be unfinished and this is where the coping comes into play. The coping covers the edges and the steel that may be protruding. It also seals off the water from getting in behind the shell of your pool, when installed properly, any water splashed out of the pool will flow away to the pool drains on the deck as it should be angled slightly away from the pool. Another functional purpose of coping is that it provides a nonskid surface for the safety swimmers and anyone who may happen to walk around the edge of the pool.

Pool coping pavers and designs

Basic coping comes in gray/white concrete coping stones that has a porous finish with a variety of corners, curves and straight pieces to fit any design of the pool. Some other materials that can be used are wood, flagstone, brick or synthetic decking. So it all depends on your preference, budget and the look you’re trying to achieve, there is a material for you.

So you’ve decided put in a concrete pool (vs. vinyl) and now you have to choose which material you will want your coping to be. A very popular choice for pool decks and coping is travertine. Formed from hot mineral springs, travertine is a form of limestone that has a porous surface. The reason why it is very popular is because it comes in a variety of colors, finishes, durability, and stays cool to the touch in the sun, which makes it perfect for any Boca Raton pool deck.

Travertine pool coping

This is a great option because it is naturally slip resistant and stays cool even in the blazing sun, which is perfect for use on your pool deck and coping. Not only is it a safe, durable choice, travertine comes in a variety of colors like gold, walnut, silver, gray, ivory, and many more. It can make the perfect compliment to the color of your home and be a statement piece in your backyard.

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