Living in the Boca Raton area, you know that curb appeal means a great deal. Coming home every night to a home and yard that you truly love makes you feel good. Inviting people over for a get-together or just the people driving down your street will take notice of your home and landscaping. Also, if you plan to sell your home at some point in the future, curb appeal is one of the biggest selling points. With that being said, maybe it is time that you give your landscaping a makeover that will not only increase the way you feel about your home but increase the curb appeal as well. Here are some great Florida-style front yard landscaping ideas that will help you decide the direction you want to go!

Modern Front Yard Landscaping Designs

 image of modern Miami home in Boca Raton. A contemporary concrete paved driveway leads up to a stylish home.     Image of modern landscape design.

Utilizing the concrete pads, the emerging trend captures the geometric simplicity of the large rectangles. But instead of just creating large, seamless areas of concrete, designers are now incorporating nature in between the pads as you can see with the grass and stones. This design is not only visually appealing; it is also a little more cost effective.

Image of a front yard, green grass is divided by concrete stepping stones.     Image of concrete patio and fire pit.

So whatever the look you are trying to accomplish, capitalizing on some of these very popular front yard design trends can truly transform your house. Another bonus of living in Boca Raton is that when you decide to begin your front yard transformation, Cricket Pavers, the best name in the business when it comes to these projects, is in your city. Providing clients with years of experience in a variety of paving and installation services like paver walkways, driveways, concrete pads, and patios. They also provide one of the largest selections of wholesale pavers in South Florida. So whatever you decide on, let the experts at Cricket Pavers help make your vision a reality. Request a quote today!