Customers are faced with so many options when it comes to deciding on what material to use when creating an outdoor feature such as a patio, walkway or even pool decking. Concrete, brick, and a variety of natural stone options are available for customers to use as paving materials and each have their own pros and cons. Everything from price to safety features needs to be considered when making this important decision. One of the more popular choices of paving materials that have been making a name for itself is bluestone.  

Mainly mined in New York and Pennsylvania, bluestone is a highly durable, natural stone. The deeper that the stone is mined, the more prominent and unique the colors will be and they range from natural tans and grays to hints of reds and blues.

Some of the benefits that homeowners get when they choose to use bluestone pavers are:

  • Durability

One of the most important factors when choosing a paver material should be durability. When you are considering investing any amount of money into your home, you want to make sure that the addition will be worthwhile and last year after year. Being one of the densest and hardest stones available on the market, bluestone pavers can withstand some of the toughest elements and heavy wear and tear. While, there may be some minor cracks or breaks in the bluestone pavers over time but due to the nature of being pavers, replacement is super simple.

  • Various Sizes

One of the most appealing aspects is the various sizes that bluestone pavers come in. The various sizes allow for many unique patterns and designs to fit any vision that the homeowner has for their space. Common bluestone pavers sizes are 6.5”x13”, 13”x13” and 13”x19.5”.

  • Easy Installation

One of the flattest natural stones, bluestone is extremely easy to install. Many come with oversized edge spaces to create a more natural appearance once installed.

  • Colors

Some of the most popular colors include light gray, dark gray, red/blue hints, light tan/brown and a darker tan/brown.

  • Aesthetics

A bluestone home feature can add a dynamically appealing element to your home. From the various colors and design possibilities, bluestone pavers are a great choice for homeowners wanting to create something unique.

  • Safety

The textured surface of the bluestone pavers creates a non-slip finish that makes it a perfect choice for any patio, walkway or pool deck. Install bluestone pavers around the pool for peace of mind knowing that your family and friends will be safe when enjoying the pool.

One of the best things that you can do to maintain the appearance and longevity of your bluestone patio or pool deck is to properly seal after installation and clean when necessary. Because bluestone is porous, sealing it is necessary to protect the bluestone from scratches, water damage, stains, and dirt. Once you properly seal the bluestone pavers, keeping them clean is very simple.

How to clean bluestone pavers:

  • Due to the stones hardness and durability, cleaning off common stains is a breeze.
  • Ordinary dish soap and a kitchen scrubber can get off those stubborn stains, but for the most part, a strong garden hose or pressure washer can keep your pavers clean.

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