In-ground swimming pools are refreshing oases of joy in your backyards whether you use them for swimming, exercising or just relaxing. They are even beautiful just to look at. However, like everything else, your swimming pool surfaces will wear out or become abrasive over time. This includes damages on the pool material caused by chemicals in water or weather influences. When you spot these signs of damage, do not neglect them.

It is time for pool resurfacing.

There is a variety of pool coping materials that create stylish pool decks available on the market. For this reason, it is not always easy to decide which one to use. Aesthetics and the property’s architectural style are important but there are some more important things you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect coping material for your pool. You have to weight many factors including slip-resistance, the cost, durability and weather conditions. When choosing the right material, always favor durability over aesthetics. So what material should you use for your new coping?  

Here is some information you may find useful when deciding on the pool coping pavers:

Concrete is the classic pool coping material that offers a number of advantages. It is the most common material used in public swimming pools because it can withstand a lot of wear and it is not too expensive. In addition to its price, poured concrete gives you a seamless transition between the pool deck and the coping. Due to this, there is no break in the finish and you do not have to refill joints between paver units after some time. The clear line of concrete with no brakes will make the pool look bigger which is ideal for small pool areas. Another benefit of concrete in comparison to other materials is that it reflects solar radiation and is comfortable on bare feet. You can make different designs from plain broom-finished concrete to imprinted patterns and borders. You can also paint the concrete surface in any color, and fix cracks by sanding the area and re-pouring concrete.

Concrete pavers are more expensive than poured concrete but in comparison to a solid concrete, they are less likely to crack. Even when this happens, they can be replaced individually and this is the reason why many pool owners choose this option.

For homes with brick interior or outdoor design, brick pavers are the best choice as they will emphasize the eye-catching brick theme. You can find different shapes and colors to customize your pool area. Bricks are strong and durable and easy to replace in case of any damage. Modern brick pavers have textured anti-slip surface.

Travertine is a natural stone which will bring a touch of luxury to your home. It is especially popular for use as pool coping material as it is cooler and more comfortable to your feet than many other stones. It has an excellent slip-resistance as it absorbs water. It can be found in different colors which make it perfect for combining with a variety of pool styles. In addition to its luxurious look, it can handle all types of weather.

Pool resurfacing and pool paving are not simple tasks. The materials you choose determine how durable and efficient your swimming pool will be. Consult with our professional team in order to determine materials that will fit your needs and the budget. Our team is skilled and experienced in delivery, production, and installation of the pool pavers. We tend to find the best solution for individual needs of our customers.  Choose from our wide selection and contact us today for more details.