You’ve just finished installing a wonderful paver patio where you’re hoping to entertain friends and family. You made the decision to go with a great herringbone design and used travertine bricks. Now, all you need to complete the look you’re after is some low maintenance patio plants.

Coleus is a good choice. These will add some color and even flourish in shady locations. These plants are hardy and will come back to life quickly with just a little water if they start to wilt. If you’re looking for something that’s super easy to look after in the way of attractive potted plants for patios, try Flowering Maple.

The bloom is bell shaped and comes in red, pink, orange or yellow so you can match this plant up with the existing patio stones you’ve had professionally installed using our services. This excellent plant grows equally well in either the summer or spring and they like bright light best.

Hanging plants for patio areas are another option when you want to make a flowery impression at eye level. The purple buds of Passion Flower look great either hanging in pots of growing up a trellis. The crowning touch for this choice is the fact butterflies are attracted to the flowers.