Summer is just around the corner. The breeze is picking up an extra lick of salt. Bonfire smoke is travelling by way of the wind. Pitches are being thrown from mounds and you can almost hear the cling of the bat’s metal sending the ball to the outfield. Fireworks are sure to be coming soon. School and worries are untraceable. Is there any better season for a barbeque?

There isn’t. And there isn’t anything better than enjoying Florida’s summer nights by a fire’s side.

Are your wheels turning about where you’ll be getting your outdoor summer fix in the coming months? Why wait for an invite from a friend or for a reservation to a trendy restaurant when you already have the space for you own outdoor BBQ haven? What space? you ask. Prop open that door at the back of the kitchen and take a peek outside… your backyard. There’s no better use of patio than for a fire pit. Let’s talk more about it.

The outdoor fire pit is the ultimate gathering place for friends and family alike. No, we don’t always need extra heat in the city’s warmest months, but yes, we’ll always take the smell of wood and the crackling of a flame. Make the fire pit your centerpiece for entertaining guests. Host your senior’s graduation, your 16-year-old’s birthday bash, your much-needed adult rendezvous while they kids are away at camp. Bring the whole family together to celebrate the summer equinox and the 4th of July. Better yet, forget excuses to get together and tell everyone to come enjoy a night by the fire.

Complete your patio look with rustic (but comfortable… extremely comfortable…) furniture and flower garnishes to add color. Lights built into retaining walls or paved steps add ambiance and to really perfect the mood, we suggest strands of whirly hanging tea lights and holders.

Why stop there? The possibilities for your outdoor kitchen are endless. Think pizza oven (freshly wood-fired dough, anyone?), pergolas and water features, fireplaces and more. The back yard (or front, really) is your oyster, and Cricket Pavers is here to give you the best fire pit Miami has ever seen. Don’t believe us? Call us for the ultimate consultation on your backyard. You’ll see in an instant why we’re consistently favored for fire pits in South Florida. We’re looking forward to making your summer spectacular!