You’ve finally committed to redoing or remodeling your backyard and are thinking of ideas and features that your family will love and use regularly. You can create an outdoor grilling station, a nice fire pit with seating, a comfy and relaxing patio, or even just some grass space for everyone to enjoy and play, but have you considered your four-legged family member’s wants and needs as well? Your yard should also be pet-friendly to make sure man’s best friend is happy and cared for as well. Here are some cool and functional backyard ideas for dogs to help create that backyard of your dreams.

Water Features – perhaps one of the most important features you can add to your backyard to keep you pet happy and safe is to have fresh water whenever they need it. Add a dog water fountain or a faucet that makes filling up their bowl each time convenient while they’re outside. If you’re feeling really adventurous, add a splash fountain that your dog can play in as well to cool off during the hot months of the year.

Boundaries – to keep your dog safe if you plan to leave them out unsupervised for any amount of time, you should install fencing or boundaries to help keep them where you want them to be. Either having a fully fenced in yard or a specific dog run area, keeping them safe is most important. If where you live has restrictions on fences, you always have the option of installing an invisible fence instead.

Shade and Shelter – dogs can suffer from sunburn and heatstroke just like us, so it is crucial that your yard has some shade that is accessible to your dog. Whether it is a large tree, a covered porch or even a stylish dog house just for them.

Landscaping – one thing that is important to keep in mind is that when you choose your landscaping plants is to make sure everything is pet-friendly. There are several common plants and flowers that are dangerous to dogs. Check with your veterinarian on which plants to avoid. Also be aware of any fertilizers or weed killers as well.

Play Space – while your dog will appreciate the things mentioned above, perhaps the only thing they truly are concerned with is having fun. Be sure to include a space for them to play. A big enough grass area for them to run, chase and fetch will go a long way with keeping them entertained and thoroughly exercised.

Comfortable Paths – incorporating paths are a key component to a well put together landscape plan. While rocks can look nice, they can end up all over the yard if you have a dog that likes to rip tear around. Perhaps the best option that will be comfortable to walk on as well as stay neat is installing concrete pavers.  

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