When it comes to outdoor spaces, few things provide as much fun, longevity and functionality as swimming pools. Providing a place to enjoy sunny days, spend time with friends and family or entertain guests, pools are a popular choice. Many people opt for above ground pools because of their cost-effectiveness as well as ease of installation along with pool fences. If the choice has been made for an above ground pool, the best way to finish it off would be with an above ground pool deck. Safely constructing it with proper materials that will create a safe and fun space for everyone.

Various materials can be used, which inevitably vary in price and difficulty. First off, wooden pool decks provide incredible customization opportunities as well as offering more space for the money. This option can be done without hired contractors although it’s an option that is not recommended. Wooden decks can be less aesthetically appealing as well as less durable than stone or paved decks. Wooden decks, if properly researched, can be done without the use of a professional but there is some risk involved such as most cities require homeowners to pull permits for these type of additions. Various wood types and stains allow for customization but so does stone or paved decks.

A very popular route for finishing off a newly installed pool or remodeling an old one for a fresh look is stone-paved decks. A major benefit is the durability provided. When professionally installed, the pool deck will last for years to come and provide safety for all users. Durable pool decks, including above ground pool decks, not only provide a finished look to the outdoor space but also safely surround the pool with a non-slip surface. Another benefit of stone and paved pool decks is the ease of installation and repairs. Rather than the complex pouring of concrete (which inevitably leads to cracking and costly repairs), paved decks are installed in pieces, and can be disassembled in pieces if pool repairs are required underneath. When properly installed, the non-sealed stone or paved areas provide a slip free surface where water will not settle.

There are multiple options to surround an above ground pool. Taking the wooden deck route provides a certain look that allows for customization at an affordable cost. With stone or paved surfaces, the deck will be far more durable and finishes the area with a stylish surface. Swimming pools, of all styles, deserve to be surrounded in a well-built deck that will turn the space into an entertaining and relaxing area.